Vision Statement: Resource Rather Than Rescue

TROTT (Training Racehorses Off The Track) was launched in January 2010. After volunteering for 2 years with several thoroughbred rescue groups in Southern California, Bonnie Adams decided to form a non-profit that would operate with the highest of ethics and integrity, as a resource to the racing industry, and the deserving OTTBs who retire from the track. Christine Boyd adopted the very first OTTB that Bonnie took in, and has been an integral part of TROTT ever since, and is Secretary/Treasurer.

The TROTT group of dedicated volunteers decided to focus on giving TROTT's ex-racehorses enough training to assess their talents, in order to match them with the best home for each horse. TROTT focuses on preventing these athletes from disappearing and needing to be rescued down the road. Our horses are adopted by people who share our vision, and respect these horses for the deserving athletes they are.

We like to consider ourselves an industry resource, and a 'pre' rescue, since our horses haven't endured the trauma of abuse. TROTT works with people who want only the best for their retiring racehorses, and we 

TROTT’s model is not that of a typical ‘rescue’. The average racehorse needs help in his transition off the track. Leaving in the wrong hands sentences a young, healthy horse to a life of trauma, abuse, and misery--usually ending in a trip to a low end auction after being starved and/or broken down. TROTT is a resource to owners and trainers desiring a safe and rewarding home for their former racehorse.

TROTT believes in prevention, rather than waiting until the trauma happens, as we strive to take as many as funds allow--straight from the racetrack. By giving these young horses training for a new discipline, we give them a new value, and then match them to an owner who shares our mission to give each one a safe future.

TROTT's model is to offer to the secondary equine market, a healthy, sound horse with a good mind, a solid foundation of training, and some under saddle work--while having been assessed for his best job, Our goal has always been to create a market for these talented horses who have been retrained after a racing career. From racing's good hands to our good hands, our motto is 'From gallop to TROTT...retrained for fun!" ™

As a resource, we have a TROTT ‘Dream Team’. This consists of professional racetrack veterinarians, and rehab caregivers with decades of racehorse experience. Horses needing rehab go to a professional racehorse lay-up farm. When our vet clears them for training, they move into our training facility located in Southern California. We work with highly regarded professional trainers who share our mission, and love of OTTBs, as we prepare each horse for his new job.

We believe in educating the sport horse community, and networking within it, in order to develop potential homes and adoptions for our quality TROTT horses. If you share our vision, we invite you to join our mission. Whether through volunteer efforts, adoption, or donations and sponsorships of any size, together we are making a difference. Email for a volunteer questionnaire.

Our tax id number is 27-2043846.

28241 Crown Valley Pky. St. F158, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

TROTT strives to be fully funded so that every horse offered to us may be accepted. TROTT is extremely grateful for every volunteer, sponsor, and supporter who makes our mission possible.

When someone asks why we work so hard, with no monetary compensation, when we know we can't help them all, we remember the story of the boy and the starfish, which explains our tagline, 'changing their horse at a time.

If you haven't heard the story of the boy and the starfish, please see it here.

Secretary/Treasurer, Christine Boyd
with her TROTT horse Cannonball Charlie

TROTT​ Beginnings

enjoy great support from the racing industry. TROTT horses typically sold for 5 to high 6 figures as race prospects, and with a little training, they also have great value in the sport horse world. We believe training gives them value, and value gives them a secure future--as they go from racehorse to sport horse. From racing's good hands, to our good hands--we are happy to be a part of the OTTB revolution!

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Changing their world...
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Director, Bonnie Adams
​with Scrumpy