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Mission Statement    

TROTT (Training Racehorses Off The Track) is a 501(c)(3)   non-profit dedicated to providing OTTBs (off track thoroughbreds) with opportunities for new careers beyond the track. Through rehabilitation and retraining in our professional facilities, we ensure each OTTB donated to TROTT has the chance to learn the new skills necessary for life as a pleasure or show horse in a non-racing home.

TROTT believes that a horse with an “education,” or basic training, has a greater chance to lead a successful life off the racetrack. In addition to organizing fundraisers and events, we actively seek donations, sponsorships, and grants to support the horses in our program.   OTTBs have the versatility and desire to have another job beyond the track--they only need a little help to transition.


You can share our mission by donating any amount, sponsor a horse, adopt a horse, and by promoting our book and events.   The horses will thank you! Our tax ID:  27-2043846.

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