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Changing their world...
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TROTT​ R&R and Lay Up

Our Pasture Facility

Horses in training and ready for adoption, are located in Orange County, California. See the Training Facility page to meet the trainers. The TROTT pasture is located in Southern California.

Prior to going to training, we give our horses the time to be a horse, learn to socialize in a herd, and get their minds and bodies ready for learning their next jobs. This period of R&R is invaluable to the horse's future.

TROTT horses needing rehab for an injury go to a professional racehorse lay up farm for their R&R. Here they can be assessed and
rehabilitated by professionals who have years of experience caring for racehorses. They are in a relaxed and peaceful environment,
and they stay happy and healthy while they are preparing for their re-training.

Some are there for just a month or two, and others longer, depending on injuries. Each one is rehabilitated under the guidance
​of a racehorse vet, so we are assured they are ready to train for their next career.

R&R and Lay Up

Our Lay Up Facility

28241 Crown Valley Pky. St. F158, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677