#1 Submit the Pre-adoption Form

This helps us begin the process to match horse and rider. Our goal is to find the right match for each horse, so the more info you share in this form, the better chance of finding your dream horse. After sending the application you can make an appointment to meet and/or ride the TROTT horses who may be a good match for you.

# 2 Choosing a Horse

After you have been pre-approved you can make an appointment to come meet the horses. After you have selected the one for you, references will be verified prior to final approval.

#3 Adoption Fees

Horses who are going well under saddle, and are unrestricted for any discipline will be priced accordingly. Certain ones with more talent, and/or show experience will also be priced accordingly, as are ones who have restrictions.

# 4 Adoption Contract

The Adoption Contract is a conditional lifetime bill of sale. TROTT will always have first right of refusal, as well as the right to monitor the horse for the first year. Our commitment is to be a safety net for our horses, should they ever need us.

Please contact TROTT with any questions via email: TrottSoCal@gmail.com

With proper training there are no limits to what an 'off track thoroughbred' (OTTB) can do.

TROTT horses are high quality Thoroughbreds from the major tracks in California. Our horses have not been abused or traumatized. They come from racing's good hands to our good hands. We strive to ensure that each former racehorse in our program is given time to rehabilitate from any injuries, as well as time to learn how to be an everyday pleasure or show horse.

Horses are priced according to their training level, talents, and restrictions, if any. Adopting a TROTT horse not only gives that horse a home, but it opens a spot for us to take in another horse needing to transition from the track. Price does not determine the quality of the horse. If we really like the match, we will make it happen. Horses will be placed when we think it's a good match.

We have horses in all price ranges. Most prospect horses are priced at $2,500-$5,000. Horses with restrictions, limited to flat work, or pleasure homes are priced accordingly. Big, sound, geldings, able to compete at the higher levels may cost more. We bring in the best quality Thoroughbreds, and will not place a horse with anyone, just because they have the funds.

Our adopters are gaining a valuable, talented sport horse, and partner who has been given a new set of skills for life beyond the track. Please check out our adoption process, and send in the adoption application to get ready for your perfect match! Once you take your horse home, TROTT will remain an accessible resource for you.

Thoroughbreds are a special breed. They love to please their people, and they are very sensitive. Not everyone is a good match for a Thoroughbred. You cannot bully them or force them. You need patience, confidence, and tons of love to work with a Thoroughbred. You will be rewarded with a partner that will trust you completely, and work hard to please you always.

Adoption Process:

Adoption Process

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Thinking about adopting?
Check out this great resource book that explains the process of retraining an ex-racehorse for riding.